The number of doctoral degrees awarded in Switzerland continues to grow, and statistics show that after obtaining the title the majority of graduates work in a non-academic field (public or private). It is also well documented that it is possible to move back and forth between the academic and extra-academic worlds.

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CUSO’s new series sheds light on what it means to become a professional after your thesis, in 6 portraits. Every 2 weeks from October 6, on this page!


Season 1, episode 6 : Our last portrait for this season: Samer Angelone, PhD in ecology and genetics from the University of Jaén in Spain, scientific filmmaker and currently director of the Global Science film festival (


Season 1, episode 5 : Starring in our 5th episode is Aude Laurent, Director of Human Resources at Semtech, an innovative company specializing in high technology.


Season 1, episode 4 : In this fourth episode, we present a portrait of Denis Billotte, who holds a PhD in Medieval French Literature from the University of Lausanne, and since 2002 Secretary General of CUSO.


Season 1, episode 3 : This week's portrait is that of Pauline Fritsch, doctor in neurobiology from the University of Fribourg and blogger (, information and advice for doctoral candidates). Pauline is currently coordinator of the doctoral program in Organismal Biology at the University of Neuchâtel, as well as of the MAS in Integrated Crop Management.


Season 1, episode 2: Watch the portrait of Adrien Wyssbrod, doctor in Legal History from UNINE, and currently post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, who co-founded StoriaVostra, a company providing advice in the historical field.


Season 1, episode 1: Watch the portrait of Olga Dubey, doctor in Life Sciences from UNIL, who co-founded Agrosustain, an innovative start-up in the field of biological plant protection


Teaser: CUSO'S new series sheds light on what it means to become a professional after your thesis, in 6 portraits.