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Doing a PhD …and then what ? CUSO’s new series on the after thesis

Ilaria Orsi, Caroline Betto-Colliard & Denis Billotte, CUSO

The number of doctoral degrees awarded in Switzerland continues to grow, and statistics show that after obtaining the title the majority of graduates work in a non-academic field (public or private). It is also well documented that it is possible to move back and forth between the academic and extra-academic worlds.

With the series "Doing a PhD... and then what?", we wish to accompany you on the (dreamlike but sometimes frightening) journey to come after your thesis, and to give you some insights into what is professionally possible. The years of research and thesis-writing help you to prepare a solid and consistent baggage of knowledge, know-how and attitudes, but quite often do not give you a ticket for the next stage.
Through a rather qualitative and almost intimate approach, young (and less young) doctors, HR managers and professionals in doctoral education share their memories and experiences. They focus on the transferable skills that are indispensable in the academic and non-academic labour market. Above all, they show that the professional future very often begins to take shape well before the thesis defence, and that it is always closely connected to one's own ideals and principles as well as to one's own pleasure and satisfaction.
With these six portraits, you will discover inspiring life paths, get some practical advice, and broaden your vision of what a PhD holder can do in Switzerland or abroad, in academia or in the private and public sectors.

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